Move Over, Shamrock Shake! Rotunda Brewing Releases New Shamrock Hard Seltzer

Rotunda Brewing Shamrock Shake Zephyr Hard Seltzer - 5.3% ABV

Remember that one Summer beer distributors couldn’t keep mass-produced hard seltzers in stock? Those are back on the shelves, and hard seltzers are making a name for themselves in the craft beer industry. Brewers started simple, with a hard seltzer base, adding small amounts of fruit just for flavor. Now they’re getting into more exotic adjuncts like ice cream.

Brewers are adding the same insane amounts of fruit puree to gluten-free hard seltzers bases for an equally fruity, yet more enjoyable experience. Smoothie seltzers won’t leave you feeling like Violet Beauregarde after she ate the blueberry chewing gum.

A few months ago, Rotunda Brewing introduced its line of Zephyr Hard Seltzers. They were fruited sours, but now Rotunda moved on to smoothie sours.” Rotunda Brewing has a new Shamrock Shake Hard Seltzer. This bad boy is extra thicc AND it’s made with mint and real ice cream. It’s an adult version of the McDonald’s classic. You just don’t have to worry about their ice cream machine being broken.

The Shamrock Hard Seltzer will be available on tap and for takeout at Rotunda Brewing’s Kegs and Eggs, tomorrow, March 5th. Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase the Shamrock Hard Seltzer for shipping to PA addresses.

Photo Credit: Rotunda Brewing

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