Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly: Where To Find Philly’s Best Pizza

Angelo’s Pizzeria originated in Haddonfield, NJ and quickly gained a reputation sought by many, one of the best pizzas in South Jersey. Within one year of moving to the South Philly location into the old Sarcone’s Deli, Angelo’s won Best of Philly Take Out Pizza 2019, but “take out” doesn’t do Angelo’s justice. A quote from Pulp Fiction conveys the quality of food served by the humble pizza joint in the Italian Market. “This is some serious gourmet shit.”

Angelo’s dough is proofed at room temperature and then refrigerated, so there is a limited amount of dough available for pizza and sandwiches daily. They immediately post on social media if they sell out, so you can follow their Instagram for updates.

Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly sports an expansive menu of ten specialty pies and endless combinations with a wide variety of traditional and premium pizza toppings. Toppings range from imported pepperoni to roasted peppers and long hots.

Angelo’s has over 20 specialty sandwiches with additional build-your-own chicken cutlet, steak, roast pork. The options are endless. The rolls are baked fresh daily. Whatever you choose, you’re in for one of the best Italian sandwiches in Philadelphia. The roast pork with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, and roasted peppers was dripping with au jus in a freshly baked house seeded roll. It was one of the best roast pork sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Roast Pork with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, and roasted peppers

Coincidentally, rapper Action Bronson from the Viceland television show Fuck, That’s Delicious was filming the day I visited Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly. Eagerly awaiting nirvana, fans of the show comingled with hungry patrons. The owner was even socializing with everyone. The atmosphere was electric.

Angelo’s isn’t your regular pizza joint. It’s an experience. They don’t have a phone, but they have the best pizza in Philadelphia. The wait time was relatively short and passed in the blink of an eye, but I’d wait hours for another Angelo’s pizza. It was heavenly.

Upside Down Jawn with pepperoni and mushrooms

Following and appearance on Fuck, That’s Delicious, they were featured on Barstool Sports Pizza Reviews. Dave Portnoy called Angelo’s the best pizza in Philly and gave them a 9.1 out of 10. Following El Presidente’s near perfect rating, Angelo’s only got more popular from there. There is always a line down the block now.

They closed briefly during the Coronavirus and reopened with a phone number after discovering they couldn’t keep up with online orders. The phone number is 215-922-0000, and they have a limited menu of pizza and cheesesteaks. It’s still cash only, and I once heard a guy had to call over 200 times before getting through. On the other hand, someone else called the second they opened and got through immediately. You just gotta get lucky, I guess.


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