K’Far Cafe: The Latest Addition to the CooknSolo Empire

Not long after the unfortunate closure of the not-for-profit The Rooster, a luncheonette that worked closely with the Broad Street Ministry, comes K’Far Cafe, an Israeli bakery and cafe with James Beard Award winning baker Camille Cogswell at the helm. They offer traditional Israeli favorites such as chocolate rugelach and Jerusalem bagels. Within the first few weeks of opening, K’Far has established themselves as Philly’s best new bakery and cafe.

K’Far Cafe is located at 110 S 19th Street in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philly. All of their pastries sold out within a few hours of opening on their first day, and they sold out of everything except salads and grain bowls by the early afternoon. The chocolate rugelach, mini chocolate babka, pistachio sticky bun, and the walnut cake are to die for. Their all-day and drink menus can be found here on their website. Dinner and dessert service will soon follow.

K’Far’s Jerusalem bagels are to die for. Unlike American bagels, the Jerusalem bagels are thin and light on the palette. The Jerusalem bagels are simply a method of delivery for the savory vegetables and Middle Eastern spices.

Batsurma Jerusalem Bagel

KFar Cafe offers a variety of Jerusalem bagel sandwiches, kubaneh toasts, salads, and grain bowls for lunch. They do, in fact, have avocado toasts for the hungry millennials out there.

Word on the street is CooknSolo will be opening two more restaurants, one being a sandwich shop in Philly’s Midtown Village neighborhood.


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