Saté Kampar: Traditional Malaysian Cuisine in Philadelphia

Owners John and Angelina Branca strive to bring authentic flavors of Malaysia to the vibrant neighborhood of East Passyunk in their first ever restaurant venture, Saté Kampar, located at 1837 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148.


Saté Kampar is no stranger to the prestigious James Beard Awards. Among many other Philadelphia restaurants of years past, they were nominated for a James Beard Award. In 2017, Saté Kampar was a semifinalist for Best New Restaurant. This honor was well-deserved, and I fully expect to see them at the James Beard Awards in the future.

They brought Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak stuffed with coconut rice, anchovies, and a hard-boiled egg, as well as other Malaysian favorites all the way to Philadelphia from their hometown of Kampar, hence the name Saté Kampar.

The saté is cooked over coconut shell briquettes instead of charcoal. Although this method requires a longer cooking time, it adds a sweet and smoky flavor to the meat. Two of their grills are dedicated to strictly Halal cooking as well.

Rendang Daging

Saté Kampar is BYOB and doesn’t charge a corking fee, so you can bring your favorite alcoholic beverages without having to worry about breaking your budget on drinks.

Kopi Ais (iced coffee with condensed milk)


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