Devil’s Acre Tavern in Plumsteadville: It’s Worth the Drive from Philly!

Devil’s Acre Tavern is located at 5691 Easton Road in Plumsteadville, PA and can be easily reached from Philly via Route 611 (Broad St./York Rd./Easton Rd.) North. Just follow Route 611 from North Broad Street in Philadelphia all the way up past the Doylestown exit of the bypass.

Devil’s Acre Tavern is the second restaurant from the Hugill Brothers and David Marchesano, owner of the popular Doylestown bar Maxwell’s on Main (M.O.M.’s). They pride Devil’s Acre in being “American fare with a German flair.” The American fare includes traditional American dishes such as chicken wings, ribeye, and a wide variety of burgers. “Burger Fights,” featuring daily burger specials occur weekly. Kielbasa, schnitzel platters, and spätzle add the German flair to the menu. A favorite of mine is the Warm Kielbasa Dip served with grilled bread, an appetizer available all day.

The beer menu is exceptional. Devil’s Acre Tavern is one of the few bars in the Philadelphia suburbs that specializes in traditional German beers. The selection of German craft beer includes traditional German styles like Kölsch, Hefeweizen, and Helles lager. Devil’s Acre Tavern’s American craft menu features a rotating tap list and seasonal cans. They also feature a “Bier de Tage,” or beer of the day, that is often a favorite local beer or major name in craft brewing such as SingleCut Beersmiths of Queens, NY and Hill Farmstead Brewery from Greensboro, VT.


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