Glory Beer Bar & Kitchen in Old City Philadelphia

Glory Beer Bar & Kitchen opened in September 2018 at 126 Chestnut Street. They pride themselves in being a “beer bar” with over 30 selections on tap and more than 20 bottles. Glory is a haven for beer aficionados,  but don’t let the name fool you! The food is as mouthwatering as the beer!

The sole reason for this trip was the porchetta sandwich (pictured above), which I heard was the best pork sandwich in Philadelphia (it looks as good as it tastes). Glory Beer Bar really came through with the food. The “& Kitchen” part of the name is underappreciated. The porchetta sandwich was almost the size of my head and had an extremely satisfying meat to topping ratio. The meat was well-seasoned, and it had a solid amount of cheese. You have to make a trip here to see this sandwich in all of its Glory!

But fear not! The pork sandwich isn’t the only food offering! They also have a pretty tasty Sunday Brunch, featuring moist French Toast with fresh fruit and perfectly cooked bacon.

They were one of the few bars to have the acclaimed Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout on Black Friday.


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