Gaul & Co. Malthouse: Philadelphia Meets Polish Tradition

Since the 1940’s Port Richmond and Bridesburg have been predominantly Polish communities. They’re thriving with Polish-owned businesses, such as bakeries and butchers who produce award-winning Polish delicacies. Gaul & Co. Malthouse in Port Richmond, Philadelphia has transformed bar food with a Polish influence.


Located on an unassuming Port Richmond street (3133 Gaul Street), Gaul & Co. Malthouse combined a Polish tradition with a Philadelphia one. Typically, kielbasa comes sausage links, but Gaul & Co.’s “Wit or Witowski” is a Philly cheesesteak made with chopped Polish kielbasa meat (from Swiacki Bros). It has been featured on local news stations and is their signature dish.


They are open 11am-2am daily.

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