La Cabra Brewing Can Release 7/24: Heapious and Simcoe Shatter

A few weeks ago, La Cabra Brewing in Berwyn, PA announced their latest can release. The beers are as follows: Heapious (a New England Double IPA hopped with Idaho #7, Galaxy, and Simcoe), Hipster Catnip (their popular IPA), and Simcoe Shatter (a 100% Simcoe Powder Hopped New England IPA).


They sold the cans at the rear entrance at 5pm with different allotments for each brew. Heapious (released in four packs of 16-ounce cans) had full allotments of one case each, and Simcoe Shatter, which was released in crowlers (individual 32-ounce cans), had allotments of three crowlers per person. Simcoe Shatter and Hipster Catnip were on tap as well, but Heapious was only available in cans. Despite only being available in cans, they brewed a large quantity of it. This allowed for everyone to be able to purchase the cans. They had some Heapious leftover at the can release, so be quick! Get there today to catch what’s left of the cans! Simcoe Shatter and Hipster Catnip are on tap as well.

Coming for the beer is simply not enough. They recently appeared on a list of breweries whose food is as great as the beer by Food and Wine. Come for the fantastic beer, but stay for the delicious Latin-inspired food menu! You can read more about their offerings here.


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