Does The Shape of Beer Glasses Affect Taste?

The debate over how you should drink beer has existed since the birth of craft beer. Hardened beer connoisseurs claim each beer needs to be served in a different style glass (as well as temperature), but middle-aged dads think it tastes the same whether from the bottle or in a glass.

Pouring beer into a Teku glass, the so-called “best beer glass ever,” results in less of a “head,” the foam that builds at the top. It didn’t matter how vigorously I poured it, or at what angle the beer was poured, the foam was minimum. This could be due to the shallow yet wide pentagonal shape of the glass. The opening of the glass is smaller than the wider bottom of the glass, exposing the beer to less oxygen and making it appear as a geometric wine glass.

Having poured the same beers into a Teku glass and a beer stein resulted in completely different tasting beers. Certain flavors became more pronounced in the Teku glass while everything blended together in the stein. A “double dessert cherry IPA” from Stickman Brews (Royersford, PA) was poured into both. The Teku glass brought out a sourer cherry flavor while the stein tasted more like a sour cherry IPA (which includes the hops, or “beer taste”). The flavor was more approachable in the stein.


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