Where to Find Philadelphia’s Best Square Pizza

In a city with Neapolitan pizzerias opening on every other corner, it’s becoming harder to stand out. Many have tried using imported ingredients such as Prosciutto di Parma, or even strange ingredients like Buffalo sauce, but it becomes hard to distinguish between pizzerias after a while. Surely the only way to make a statement is to change the shape and thickness of the crust.

However, the shape of the pie isn’t the only reason square pizzas are superior. One major bonus of square pizza is there’s more pizza per square inch than in a round pizza. A 12-inch square pie contains 144 square inches of pizza, while a round one only contains 113 square inches. Therefore, it’s more economical to go square, but fear not! Economics isn’t the only reason it’s better to be square. Square pizza tends to have a thicker, crunchier crust. This is vital to secure the savory toppings. Round pies tend to have thinner, flimsy crusts that can’t support the toppings unless folded or held with two hands. Clearly, square pizza is superior is all aspects of pizza-making.

Square Pie, located at 801 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Passyunk and Catherine) is beyond compare. The interior looks like a regular pizza shop, complete with red and white checkered tablecloths, but their pizza is unrivaled. Due to the nature of the thick crust Brooklyn style pizza, using small batch, long fermentation dough, it takes slightly longer to bake than regular pizza, but it’s well worth the wait. The crust is thick and crunchy, yet fluffy in the center. It doesn’t get any better than Square Pie.

They have a relatively small menu, featuring four appetizers, four kinds of pasta, and eight pizzas, but everything is delicious. They also have daily appetizer and pizza specials that feature creative and delectable flavors. Not a single item on the menu disappoints.

When visiting Philadelphia, the traditional tomato pie can’t be missed. Everyone knows about the classics in South Philly, but have you heard of Marchiano’s Bakery in Manayunk? They’ve been a family-owned bakery since 1984, located at 4653 Umbria Street Philadelphia, PA 19127, and were recently featured in the Best of Manayunk 2018. You can visit them Tuesday-Sunday starting at 8am.

However, for those who work in center city and need a quick slice (or three) on their lunch break, Rione is one of Philly’s more recent square pizza destinations. Located at 102 S 21st St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, they’re serving up Roman-style pizza “al taglio” (by the cut). The pizzas are pre-baked and ready to be warmed in the oven for your enjoyment, but don’t let that fool you! The pizza is fresh and extremely delicious. Not only is it a great square pizza option in the city, but it’s the best by-the-slice pizza joint in the 215.


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