Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Comes to Newtown, PA

Many people believe good food can only be found within city limits, but that is not true, Acqua e Farina of historic Newtown, PA defies the status quo. The delicious Neapolitan pizza found in Center and South Philly can also be found in the suburbs. Family-owned Acqua e Farina brings the thin, soft crust delicacy to even more people.

The process of baking wood-fired Neapolitan dough is displayed on a plaque outside of the restaurant. Wheat flour, Neapolitan yeast, salt, and water are necessary for the dough, which must be kneaded by hand and must be 3 millimeters or thinner, then cooked for 60-90 seconds in a 905° F stone oven with an oak-wood fire, thus creating a light, airy crust.

The menu is somewhat limited, featuring only five red pizzas and three white pizzas, but if pizza isn’t your forte, they have three varieties of saltimbocca and two calzones, as well as rotating daily appetizer and pizza specials. A limited menu may provide diners with limited options, but it ensures each dish is prepared with the utmost care. Everything Acqua e Farina offers is delicious.

The lively atmosphere is a cozy and intimate space. There are almost always people speaking in Italian. If one didn’t know they were in Newtown, PA, they would think they were in Italy. The open kitchen allows diners to be more involved. The experience at Acqua e Farina is almost identical to that of watching your Italian grandmother cook dinner for the family.


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